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We believe
in the power of connecting.

During the many years in which the Jewish People has been dispersed throughout the world, the ancient adage of "All of Israel is responsible for one another" has ensured its survival and preserved its self-definition. After two thousand years in exile, the People returned to its Homeland; yet it is precisely that return which has brought again to light the challenge of mutual responsibility in Israel.

The goal of AM"I is to strengthen the Israeli society's age-old sense of mutual responsibility and belonging to Jewish Peoplehood.

We seek to build new bridges between Israelis and world Jewry and to weave anew the precious fabric that has unraveled. The founding principle of the AM"I national alliance is to implement the State of Israel's commitment to the Jewish People, and AM"I's role is to strengthen the bond between Israelis and diaspora Jews. To fulfill this vision, AM"I strives to act within Israeli society to foster and strengthen the mutual responsibility and sense of belonging toward all of Am Yisrael – the entire Jewish People.

The wondrous “gathering of the exiles” that ultimately formed the State of Israel derived from the profound sense of belonging of diaspora Jews to the emergent “Zionist project” in Eretz Yisrael. From East to West, Jews made Aliya physically, while others gave generously of their wealth and made their voices heard in favor of the nascent nation.  For its part, the State of Israel realized its historic calling: to serve as a home for the Jews dispersed among the nations. The Jews of the immense diaspora communities extended their hand in support and solidarity, and Israel extended its hand in partnership.

Unfortunately, the strong and solid bridges that had connected the diaspora to Israel have cracked in recent years. Israeli society has exhibited a growing indifference toward its diaspora brethren, a lack of awareness of the richness and vitality of Jewish life around the world, and a weakening perception of the Jewish Peoplehood upon which the State of Israel is founded. On this backdrop, the AM”I national alliance was established – to repair and rebuild the bridges that connect Israel to World Jewry.

AM"I's goals

To provide the Israeli audience with knowledge and a heightened awareness of the importance of World Jewry

To enhance the sense of belonging and connection between Israeli society and World Jewry

To expose the Israeli audience to the challenges facing diaspora Jews and actively involve them in these matters

Channels of action

  1. Developing and implementing a national strategy engaged in connecting Israel to the diaspora
  2. Creating a common language among all the organizations working in the field of Peoplehood, which will lend strong backing to the actions, as well as professional oversight for the activists on the ground
  3. Encouraging inter-organizational collaborations that focus on Jewish Peoplehood
  4. Integrating and generating innovative initiatives engaged in Jewish Peoplehood in Israel

AM"I's path

We hope that building a national strategy around the consciousness of Peoplehood in Israeli society will lead to real change in the way in which Israelis think, feel, and act for the sake of our connectivity with diaspora Jews. This change may take time, but we believe that as the actions on the ground grow and gain momentum, the dialog will expand, and the emotional connection will deepen accordingly. With time, the effect will resonate at all levels of the Israeli reality.

We are excited about the mission at hand and the opportunity it gives us to connect and unite all of the diverse segments of our People. We invite you to join us in this vital work.

הצוות שלנו

שלומית מאלי
מנהלת תוכן
שלומית מאלי היא מנהלת התוכן של עמ"י היא אשת חינוך המתמחה בהובלת פרויקטים חינוכיים וקידום שותפויות. שלומית הייתה חברה בצוות הקמת 'המרכז ללימודי רוח', ניהלה את מחלקת השתלמויות מורים בספרייה הלאומית ולימדה תלמוד במגוון מסגרות פורמליות ובלתי-פורמליות. בין השנים 2019 - 2021 שלומית התגוררה בניו יורק לימדה תלמוד בתיכון SAR, הייתה עמיתה ב'מכון שיח' והשתתפה בתוכנית המנהיגות .'YOU LEAD' (PRIZMAH) היא בעלת תואר שני מחקרי מהאוניברסיטה העברית (תוכנית 'רביבים').
תמונה תפקיד אתר נמרוד
נמרוד אקרמן
נמרוד אקרמן לאופר הוא ראש המנהלת הלאומית לקשרי ישראלים והתפוצות החל מספטמבר 22 (קדם לו רועי מקלר בתפקיד). נמרוד הוא חתן "אות הנשיא למתנדב" ובעל ניסיון עשיר בעולמות החברתיים. הוא ממייסדי עמותת "ידיד לחינוך" הפועלת לשיתוף ושילוב גמלאים במערכת החינוך וניהל אותה במשך 16 שנה. נמרוד בוגר 3 תארים אקדמאיים וכן תוכניות מנהיגות שונות, ביניהן תוכנית "מובילים" של קולות, "מרחב משותף" של אלכ"א ג'וינט ועוד. שירת בסדיר, בקבע ובמילואים ביחידת "מגלן". נשוי ואב לשלושה, תושב קרית אונו.

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Watch: Greetings from Roi Makler

Head of The National Alliance Strengthening Israelis’ Connection to World Jewry – AM”I

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